Only a member of the Swedish Bar Association can call him/herself a lawyer and this title is also protected by law. The Swedish Bar Association exists to exercise supervision over Sweden’s lawyers.

As a lawyer and a member of the Swedish Bar Association, I am obliged to follow a number of lawyer-ethical rules e.g. relating to professional conduct – as well as rules on discretion and confidentiality. I am also required to hold and maintain indemnity insurance. You can read more on this subject at


On January 11, 2016, the Swedish Bar Association established a consumer disputes board. Here, consumers (clients) can lodge a complaint if they are dissatisfied with a lawyer or a service provided by a lawyer. In the first place, the client should contact the lawyer to try and reach a solution in agreement with the lawyer. However, if no such agreement can be met, the client may then turn to the Consumer Disputes Board.

The Swedish Bar Association’s Consumer Disputes Board
Address: Box 27321, 102 54 STOCKHOLM
Telephone: 08-459 03 00
Internet address:

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