Legal Counsel

A legal counsel is a barrister or lawyer appointed by the court. The cost of a legal counsel is entirely paid for by the state and you do not have to pay anything for their aid and/or advice. If you wish me to act as your legal counsel, you may do so when filing your police report or when being questioned by the police.

As your legal counsel, I offer support and legal advice throughout the entire legal process. I will be present at a police-hearing as well as in court. This also includes helping you bring an action for damages during the trial. I always meet my clients before a trial in order to review the preliminary investigation, explain how the trial will proceed as well as preparing you for the trial. At the meeting, we also go through a claim for damages.

If you have questions about a case, or wish me to act as your legal counsel, please feel free to call me on: 0470-450 60.

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