Legal protection is included in home insurance plans. If you are eligible for legal protection, the insurance company pays for 80% of the costs and you pay the remaining 20% of the costs. In order to benefit from legal protection, you must have been insured for a minimum of two years and at least one year has passed since separation from a spouse. If you live with a new partner, your new partner’s home insurance can also apply to you.


If you are not eligible for legal protection, you may be entitled to legal aid from the state. The costs for my work are then reduced to a certain percentage in relation to your income. To be granted legal aid, you cannot have an annual income that exceeds 260,000 Kr. If you are liable for child maintenance under the age of 18, you may deduct your annual income by 15,000 Kr per child, but not more than 75,000 Kr.


Work is charged per hour at 1,359 Kr (excluding VAT) for the year 2018. It is the Court’s Office that determines the hourly rate on a yearly basis.

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