Social Law

LVU (Care of Young Persons Act, LVM (Care of Abusers Act) and LPT (Compulsory Psychiatric Care Act)

I work on assisting children and parents in cases relating to child abuse under the LVU Act, with special provisions on child care (1990: 52). In these cases, a public counsel of the court for the parents is appointed. For children under the age of 15, the court will appoint a deputy.

This assistance is completely free of charge. In such assignments, I offer advice and support throughout the entire process and monitor your rights at meetings and investigations with the social services department and/or negotiations at the administrative court.

If you wish to have me as your public counsel, please notify the social services department and / or relevant administrative court.

I can also assist you (upon request) where custody, in accordance with LVU, is to be reviewed and/or appealed against in cases of restricted access between parent and child.

In cases of appeal against a decision on restricted access, no public counsel is appointed and thus the cost of my assistance must be borne by you. In such cases, an hourly rate of 1.359 kr (excluding VAT) for 2018.

I also undertake assignments as a public counsel on questions concerning the LVM Act (1988: 870) on the care of addicts in certain cases, and LPT-Law (1991: 1128) on compulsory psychiatric care.

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